The Salt Lake City Golf Division operates as an Enterprise Fund, meaning that nearly all operational expenses and capital improvements come from user fees and not the General Tax Fund of Salt Lake City. As part of your green fees, we set aside $2 per player for every nine-holes played at each of our courses. This money goes into our Capital Improvement Fund to use towards capital improvements and projects intended to address decades of deferred maintenance and improving the quality and playability of the courses, thereby enhancing your experience and preserving these community assets for years to come.

Between July of 2022 and June of 2025 we are reinvesting over 9 million dollars into our facilities.

Cart Paths

Estimated Investment through FY25: $2,000,000

Project Phase: Planning (Estimated start Spring 2024)

Cart paths at every golf course will be repaired or replaced based on existing conditions. New paths may be added in areas with bare or wet conditions.

Project Timeline:

  • Bonneville – September 2024
  • Forest Dale – May 2024 (Completed)
  • Glendale – May 2024 (Completed)
  • Mountain Dell – July 2024
  • Nibley Park – TBD
  • Rose Park – TBD

Tee Box Leveling and Construction

Estimated Investment through FY25 $180,000

Project Phase: In Progress

Leveling and widening of tee boxes at all seven courses, and new tee construction where needed. Projects are prioritized based on existing tee conditions.

Rose Park Irrigation System

Estimated Investment $4,500,000

Project Phase: Planning

A full redesign and replacement of the existing irrigation system at Rose Park golf course, including a retention pond to filter sediment from water before it is used for irrigation. Irrigated turf areas will be reduced by up to 20% and the new system will help control and reduce water consumption.

Heated Range and Social Pavilion at Glendale

Estimated Investment $1,300,000

Project Phase: Planning

Construct a building at the south end of the driving range tee which will house heated bays for use during the winter months and rooms for private instruction. The south side will host an open-air seating area for events and social gatherings.

Facility Improvements

Estimated Investment $500,000

Project Phase: In Progress

Various clubhouse and on-course repairs such as landscaping, painting, replacement of roofs, decking, HVAC systems, fencing, and irrigation components at all courses.

Parking Lot Resurfacing

Estimated Investment through FY24: $450,000

Project Phase: Planning (Glendale) / Completed (May 2023 – Mountain Dell) / Completed (May 2022 – Forest Dale)

Repair and resurface the parking lots at Forest Dale, Mountain Dell, and Glendale.